What is Aerosilver™?

Dr. Stayclean's Aerosilver™ is extensively developed and made in Korea by Hyosung TNC, a leading corporation in functional textiles R&D. Infused with silver ions, Dr. Stayclean's Aerosilver™ is proven by government authorized testing facility KOTITI, to have antibacterial efficacy of 99.9% when tested for pneumococcus, which causes various respiratory infectious diseases and staphylococcus aureus, the cause of mold, food poisoning and odor. 
Different from other antimicrobial finished fabrics, Dr. Stayclean's Aerosilver™ is infused with silver in the scale of nano level. Silver is compounded in the yarn making process which significantly increases the durability and lasting effects of antibacterial efficacy.
Most antimicrobial fabrics that are commonly used in the market are treated or coated with chemicals to have the antibacterial functionality. This method is dangerous to the skin as it can lead to skin troubles and irritation as it is post-process on the fabric. As the chemicals are coated on the fabric, the antimicrobial effects gradually decrease over washes.