[1set] Silverlining New Wave Face Towels (3p) (Silver + Organic Cotton)

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Silverlining's New Wave Antibacterial Face Towel


We use the best foam cleanser for our face...

We use soap to clean our hands...

To wash away the germs we face everyday.

But at the end...

We simply use a plain towel that's been hung for days.

Something doesn't add up


Enjoy the benefits of fast absorption and quick dry.

Additionally treated with world renowned Sanitized, experience funtional towel that eradicates skin troubling bacteria and odor.


1 Set has 3 towels. 

940 mm x 460 mm

Made in Korea


Care Instruction***

  • Avoid washing with other garments
  • Wash with like colors
  • Wash with washer-mesh if possible
  • DO NOT wash in hot water
  • DO NOT use fabric softner
  • Use normal settings when drying
  • Best with natural drying